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Welcome to your Year of Happy

Now is the time to stop existing and start living - happy.

Everyone deserves to be happy. It's our mission to make happiness so contagious you can't help but catch it, and pass it along. 

(Did you know that one happy person increases the happiness of those around them by 15%! Start sparking happiness for yourself and your community!)

What is The Year of Happy? 

It's not exactly a's more like a map to happiness.  😃


Year of Happy brings groundbreaking science on how to be happy (covering stress, anxiety, imposter syndrome, positive psychology and more!),  delivered by Dr. Rebecca Heiss ➡️ directly to you, in short, actionable videos each week of the year. 🧬


With interactive tests, assessments and activities, Year of Happy is built for everyone, to keep you on track for your happiest year yet! 


We're here to make this your year of transformation. Time to stop existing and to start living - happy! 


Let's Spark Happy Together.